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Truckers roughed up by security guards score major win — and plan to keep fighting


A husband and wife trucking team say that they have succeeded in fighting the criminal charges laid against them in the wake of a violent altercation with security guards at a distribution center in Mississippi.

Many members of the trucking community will remember the case of Clinton and Shannon Kirker after viewing the viral video of their September 11, 2018 altercation with security guards at the Metro Foods distribution center in Olive Branch, Mississippi.

Posted by Clinton Kirker on Saturday, December 1, 2018

The incident began when the Kirkers arrived at the distribution center to pick up what they thought was a ordinary grocery load. They later learned that the load was actually much higher profile “pharmaceuticals for the CDC.” The Kirkers, who were not familiar with the security procedures at the facility, tried to leave and then became involved in a physical altercation with several security guards.

Both Clinton and Shannon Kirker say that they suffered various bruises and scrapes at the hands of the security guards. Shannon Kirker was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Clinton Kirker was issued charges of assault and disorderly conduct following the incident. Shannon Kirker wasn’t charged.

In January 2019, Clinton Kirker was found guilty on the charge of “interfering with a business disorderly conduct” in a Desoto County court — a charge that Kirker said could result in 6 months probation, 30 days in jail with a $500 fine.

In a Facebook Live video posted just after the verdict, Clinton Kirker said, “This basically states that we as truck drivers have no rights. We have to do whatever [security guards] tell us to do even though they are not police.” The Kirkers vowed to keep fighting and filed an appeal.

This week, the Kirkers finally got the result they were looking for when they appeared in court only to learn that the prosecution had dropped the charge against Clinton Kirker.

Clinton Kirker told CDLLife, “I filed the appeal and almost a year later they dropped the disorderly conduct interfering with a business charge. So not guilty on simple assault and charges dropped on the second charge.”

He explained that “the guards did not show up [in court], I feel it was because the prosecutor neglected to subpoena the guards and he didn’t want to prosecute me with only the video.”

Not only did the Kirkers defeat the criminal charges they were facing, they also say that they filed a civil suit in September 2019 against Metro Foods, security contractor Paragon Systems Inc., and the security guards involved in the incident for the physical and emotional damages that they endured.

You can read Clinton Kirker’s detailed description of the September 2018 incident and see photos of his injuries in the Facebook post below.

This is the full video of us being assaulted by security guards on September 11, 2018. They are nothing but power hungry…

Posted by Clinton Kirker on Saturday, December 1, 2018

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