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Trucking co. says they were charged $18K for a tow job


A trucking company has filed a complaint after they were allegedly charged more than $18,000 for a tow in Chicago, Illinois.

The complaint was filed by Ontario trucking company RoadStar Carrier Inc. on August 14 in the Cook County Circuit Court. The complaint names Lynnwood, Illinois-based VIP Towing & Roadside Assistance LLC.

According to the complaint, on August 12, 2020, a RoadStar truck hit a downed tree branch caused by severe weather while the driver was traveling in the Chicago area.

The truck was damaged but remained drivable and after it was escorted by Chicago police to the delivery location. After unloading, RoadStar reportedly contacted Volvo dealership M & K Centers for repairs and were told that M & K would provide an escort for the damaged semi to their location.

However, according to RoadStar, a VIP employee arrived on the scene and falsely represented himself to the truck driver that his/her company had been retained by RoadStar, allegedly wrongfully inducing the driver to sign a pre-tow agreement.

The VIP employee then towed the truck to a Chicago lot, the complaint states.

When RoadStar contacted VIP about releasing the truck, they were reportedly told that VIP would not release the truck without the payment of $18,573 in towing and storage fees.

RoadStar said that they contacted local police for help in getting the truck back but got no response.

The RoadStar complaint alleges that VIP violated Illinois law by misrepresenting themselves to the truck driver and seeks a preliminary injunction against the tow company for the return of the truck in addition to compensatory and punitive damages “sufficient to deter future wrong doing of this type.”

An emergency hearing on RoadStar’s complaint is scheduled for Tuesday morning.


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