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Trucking companies are dramatically overhauling hiring because of COVID-19. Here are the biggest changes.


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The COVID-19 outbreak has put pressure on carriers to find a way to keep the U.S. supply chain moving to provide essential supplies to Americans while at the same time protecting drivers and staffers from exposure to the virus.

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, America needs truckers now more than ever to deliver essential supplies like food and medicine. Americans are relying on the transportation industry to pull together and do more, even in the face of an unprecedented set of challenges.

Trucking companies are quickly learning that they can’t simply stop the driver onboarding process because of the threat of infection. Instead, successful companies are making careful and rapid adaptations to their driver onboarding efforts to cut down on the risk of exposure both for their new hire drivers and existing staff members.

Here are a few smart ways that trucking companies can reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure during the driver onboarding process:

  • Reduce the size of orientation groups as much as possible
  • Cut down on the length of in-person driver orientation
  • Allow for remote access of orientation materials whenever possible instead of requiring drivers to learn in a classroom setting

After onboarding is complete, carriers can continue to work to keep staffers and drivers safe by implementing strategic new policies. Here’s what Illinois-based carrier GP Transco is implementing:

  • Thoroughly sanitize trucks prior to handing them over to a driver
  • Implement clear guidelines for drivers to follow if they feel that they are suffering from COVID-19 symptoms
  • Reach out to customers to urge them to follow all safety guidelines and preventative measures when interacting with company drivers
  • Survey drivers to ensure that they fully understand new COVID-19 safety procedures and policies
  • Give drivers phone access to healthcare professionals who can help them understand their symptoms and guide them through the next necessary steps that they should take for treatment.

During the COVID-19 crisis, it is also important for trucking companies to find ways to maximize operational efficiency to ensure uninterrupted supply chains.

At a time when the CDC recommends cutting down on contact with others as much as possible to reduce the spread of the virus, smart trucking companies are turning to technological solutions to ensure efficiency, even during the most challenging of times.

While staffers work remotely, giving them access to state-of-the-art communication and collaboration platforms, a cloud-based Transportation Management System such as OpenRoad TMS, and robust tracking and telemetry systems can help them keep hundreds of trucks moving while drivers get the support that they need.

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