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Venomous snake attacks driver at 60+ mph


An Australian utility truck driver fought off a venomous snake while driving on Tuesday. 

According to CNN, 27-year-old “Jimmy” was driving his utility truck along Dawson Highway in Queensland, Australia at 62 mph when he noticed a snake slithering across the floorboard. 

“The more I moved my legs … it just started to wrap around me. Its head just started striking at the (driver’s seat) chair, between my legs,” he said. 

Jimmy used his seat belt and a knife he had handy to fend off the snake, but believed he had been bitten in the tussle, so he spring in to action and began speeding towards the nearest hospital – and that’s when a cop pulled him over. 

“A brown snake or a tiger snake is in the back of the [truck], I think it has bitten me, it was in the car with me,” Jimmy can be heard saying as the officer pulled up, in a video released by police Tuesday. “You can feel my heart, mate.”

The video then pans to the bed of the truck where the now-dead snake can be seen, prompting the officer to call for help. 

Luckily, Jimmy had not been bitten by the Eastern Brown Snake, the second deadliest land snake in the world, but paramedics determined he was suffering from shock. 

“It was pretty terrifying, I’ve never been so happy to see red and blue lights,” Jimmy said in the video.

Check out the clip below.


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