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Video: Driver watches as his truck rolls away, slams into a double-decker bus then almost hits pizza delivery man


Footage captured a hectic scene as a runaway truck collided with a double-decker bus on June 19, 2020 in London, England.

The incident happened on Croydon High Street when a driver stopped to correct the low loader pulled by his truck. In the video, you can see he quickly realizes he failed to apply the handbrake when the truck begins to roll away.

Witness, Oliver Shah, started filming when he saw the commotion.

The driver runs after the truck as it rolls into an intersection and collides with a Abellio double-decker bus.

The incident doesn’t end there though.

The truck can then be seen moving towards a parked vehicle. A biker manages to grab onto the truck, slowing it down as the driver climbs into the cab.

When reversing the truck, a Domino’s Pizza delivery man on a scooter gets caught between the truck and another double-decker bus. The man is able to jump off of the scooter in time.

No injures were reported because of the incident.

Watch it all in the video below posted by DailyMail.com.


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