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VIDEO: Woman waiting in the parking lot for a truck driver has a heart-melting surprise


A social media influencer is going viral for her wholesome and inspiring truck driver appreciation videos.

Shandelle Clifford is a prominent social media personality who has recently turned her attention from makeup tutorials to using her followers to help give back to truck drivers over the holidays.

Over the past few weeks, Clifford has spearheaded a Venmo donation campaign and has been popping up at truck stops to give unsuspecting truck drivers a token of appreciation for their hard work.

Take a look at one of her recent interactions below.

Through online donations from her followers, Clifford has been able to collect thousands of dollars, which she is handing out to stunned truck drivers, $500 at a time. 

“So I have a big social media following and a lot of people are giving back to waitresses and servers like that who’ve lost their jobs. I feel like truck drivers are unappreciated and you don’t get the credit that you guys deserve, so I asked my followers if they wanted to do a Venmo challenge for truck drivers, [so] we can raise money and give back to you guys just to show you that you are appreciated and without you guys, the world wouldn’t go around,” Clifford explained.

Clifford’s November 27 “trucker challenge “video has more than 18,000 views. You can view it below. 

The comment section on Clifford’s videos are stuffed with outpourings of thanks from members of the trucking community.

Here’s what people are saying:

This is freaking awesome. I drove a truck for over 30 yrs and I’m proud to see people showing my trucking buddies some appreciation for all the hard work we do and the crap we have to deal with on a daily basis. Thank you and God bless yall.” — William Williams

This is amazing. Both my parents are truck drivers! My dad has done it my entire life and my mom went out after I graduated high school. It takes so much for them to be out there and miss out on family. Just this little thought of kindness is amazing.” — Ashley Diehl

What an awesome gesture!!! Retired trucker of 38yrs and it’s great to see some folks really appreciate us still…Peace and blessings.” — Kevin Wright

Thats amazing and as a driver myself. thank you for doing things like this it makes us feel like there are people who care and understand what it is we do. Thanks again.” — Richard Powers

So appreciated, I am one of them out here, week after week and it’s so nice to hear and see appreciation from others, complete strangers other than family members who understand what the big rig and it’s drivers mean to the stability of our nation for keeping economy and personal wants in the mainstream.” — Jason Christenson

This made me cry my husband is a trucker and things have been hard out on the road for him and everyone else we know that are truckers not to mention they didn’t get the hazard pay that other essential workers got because they weren’t listed as essential workers but their spirits are down and people like you and your amazing kindness will help!” — Jessie Lynn Killion

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