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We want to help 55,000 truck drivers keep more of their hard earned money. Here’s how.


Admit it — your life as a truck driver has gotten worse in ways that you never could have imagined in the past six weeks during COVID-19.

The trucking industry was struggling long before the pandemic began. But now, rates are in the toilet, plants are closing, and companies are laying off hundreds of workers as the economy crashes.

In the video below, one driver talks about the struggles he’s experienced out on the road during COVID-19.

No big bailouts for truckers, but we think you deserve a helping hand

During the COVID-19 crisis, the U.S. government has spent trillions of dollars bailing out businesses like airlines and restaurants, but it’s hard to say that they’ve lifted a finger to help truckers in any meaningful way. And that’s not right.

As a driver, you’re on the front lines, making sure that everyone else has toothpaste and toilet paper. You’re putting your health and the health of your family at risk while other people get to stay home on their couches.

If people who get to stay home watching re-runs are getting bailouts, you should get a little help too.

We want to help 55,000 truck drivers keep more of their hard earned money while reminding the public at large that without truckers, they’d have nothing. Here’s how it works.

  1. CDLLife started a campaign to provide meals for tens of thousands of truckers across the country. It’s called “Fueling Our Heroes” and it means our team will be hopping in a semi truck to hit up truck stops and rest areas coast to coast to give out free food to drivers. The effort saves you time you’d spend hunting down a meal and lets you keep a little more cash in your pocket when you’re not shelling out for trashy truck stop grub. Our goal is to give our 55,000 free meals over the next few weeks. It won’t solve every problem in the industry, but it’ll be a step in the right direction.
  2. It’s about more than lunch. It’s about raising awareness about the essential work that truckers do every day, not just during the pandemic. It’s about reminding the public that the work you do matters and that you deserve to be paid well, treated with respect, and fed. We’re using all of our platforms — Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and our app — to blast out this important message.
  3. The more people who see this, the more drivers we can feed. And the more that the public learns about how tough it is for truckers right now. So share — it only takes a second.


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