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Alabama police department asks for tips about truck hauling 400 cases of Coors in funny Facebook post


An Alabama police department shared a chuckle-inducing Facebook post after stopping a semi truck hauling an instantly recognizable trailer.

The City of Heflin Police Department shared the Facebook post on Sunday morning after apparently running into a truck that looks suspiciously like one we’ve seen before in a Burt Reynolds movie.

Police wrote:

Last night Heflin Police officers stopped this 18 wheeler. The driver identified himself only as “The Snowman” and stated that he was en route to Atlanta Georgia. A check of his DOT log book showed that he had just recently left Atlanta and traveled to Texarkana Texas in a very short amount of time. Officers gained consent to search the trailer and found 400 cases of Coors beer. It all seemed very suspicious especially since some kind of sports car kept zipping around the area doing burn outs and revving its motor up during the entire traffic stop in an apparent effort to distract the officers. If you have any information about this 18 wheeler, the Driver, or any criminal activity this truck may be involved in, please leave a comment below.

Several Facebook users provided helpful tips, including:

  • The driver of the sports car goes by “Bandit”
  • Any wedding dress on the highway anywhere?
  • Was a floppy eared dog named Fred involved?
  • He was east bound and down

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