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Artur Express Inc. offers performance-based payment plan for company drivers and leasing program for owner operators


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ST. LOUIS, MO, January 8, 2021 – ARTUR EXPRESS, INC: Artur Express Inc. recently rolled out its new company driver pay structure and owner operator Profit Leasing Program.  

The Truckers’ Company Driver Pay Plan 

The program is based on seven areas of performance: experience, safety, on-time performance, driver  habits, technology, miles and longevity. Each driver is awarded points for their performance in each  area. Their total score will determine their placement in one of three different pay categories: Basic, Professional and Expert. 

On day one, drivers start at the professional level. Their scores are updated at the start of every quarter.  However, if a driver is consistently trending in the expert area before the quarter is over, they may have  the opportunity to be promoted sooner. Drivers are given updates on their scores every week so they  can watch their trends. Depending on how many miles someone drives per week, it will show whether  or not they’re on pace to hit the maximum points allowed for that area. 

Artur Express Inc.’s Director of Fleet Relations Steve Green said, “It’s important to be a professional driver and always look for ways to improve your performance. Our ultimate goal is to pay every driver at expert level. The more drivers we have at expert level, the better the impact on the company as well.” 

For more information on jumpstarting your driving career with Artur Express Inc., please click here.

Profit Leasing Program 

Artur Express Inc. offers a truly unique Walk Away Lease Program for eligible contractors. One of the  main aspects of this program is that Artur Express Inc. pays you per mile and all deductions are per mile as well. You only pay when you are rolling.  

Green said, “If the truck doesn’t move for a week because you’re on vacation, your deductions stop; all  deductions are based on loaded miles. Right now, after deductions with a 2018 Freightliner Cascadia,  you should net nearly $100,000 annually depending on the miles you drive and lanes you choose.” 

Other notable aspects of the Profit Leasing program include no down payment or fixed lease payment.  Through our leasing partnership, there are over 850 service locations nationwide including on site at  Artur Express Inc.’s World Headquarters in St. Louis.  

“You will keep moving 24/7 under our leasing policy,” Green said. 

Other perks in the owner operator program include: 

• No negative settlement guarantee 

• Bumper to bumper warranty for entire lease term 

• Preventive maintenance which includes oil changes, tires, brakes, and sub rentals  • 70 to 90 percent drop and hook 

• Fuel cards, cash advances available, monthly fuel rebates 

• 1099 Contractor status 

• Your choice between regional or OTR dry van, OTR reefer or Expedited (team) freight • No force dispatch – contractors choose what loads are best for them via Artur’s online load  board 

To be qualified for the Profit Leasing program, contractors must have at least two years driving  experience and a clean driving record. You can click here to learn more.

Founded in 1998, Artur Express, Inc. is a full-service, nationwide transportation and logistics company  headquartered in Hazelwood, MO.

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