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Atlanta P.D. issues new warning about disturbing semi truck stowaway social media ‘game’


On Wednesday, the Atlanta Police Department (APD) shared a warning about a dangerous new social media “game” after observing an uptick in people hitching a ride on moving semi trucks.

The Wednesday statement from APD points to “several recent incidents of people riding on the outside of moving semi-trucks on our local highways” and calls for those who are tempted to try it themselves for Instagram notoriety to remember that it could result in death, injury, and multi-vehicle crashes.

On September 17, social media users shared video of a man hanging on to a semi truck’s mirrors on I-85 in both Dekalb and Gwinnett counties.

APD also shared video of a person wearing red hanging onto the back of a moving semi trailer as it travels at highway speeds.

See below for the full statement from APD.

The Atlanta Police Department Warns Stowaway’s on Tractor Trailers and Other Drivers of the Dangers of this New “Game”

The Atlanta Police Department has been made aware of several recent incidents of people riding on the outside of moving semi-trucks on our local highways.

We realize this may come as a surprise to some, but riding on the outside of a semi-truck that is going 65 to 75 mph, or any moving vehicle on I-285, I-75 or any other road, at any speed, is a death wish of sorts.These acts put not only the “stow away” clinging to the massive truck at risk, but the drivers behind and next to the violated truck, are also in danger. If the person getting the “free ride” loses their balance and falls off, or jumps off the moving vehicle, they will almost certainly be struck by other cars that are nearby, possibly injuring other drivers, and causing a multi-car collision as others try to avoid being in the fray.

This hazardous buffoonery by Atlanta’s wayward souls will not be tolerated. There is nothing humorous about jeopardizing the safety of drivers or persons.We ask people who see these incidents to put their cameras down and use their phones to instead call 911. The safety of our citizens is our number one priority. We take these incidents serious, and we want to send a strong message to those that continue to put Atlanta on the map or on the ‘Gram’ for things that don’t serve our greater good, make us better, or uplift our city.


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