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Can you relate to any of these “a day in the life of a trucker” viral videos?


Every trucker has a routine when it comes to living comfortably out on the road. Some drivers have taken to the internet to share their trucking lifestyle with those who may not know what it’s like to be behind the wheel of a semi.

In viral videos posted by drivers, viewers get to follow along in a “day in the life of a tucker,” learning about the personalized tips and tricks of their day-to-day routines.

Binge watch the videos below and see how your routine compares.

With 105K subscribers, Trucker Josh VLOGS has a wide range of videos that give a glimpse into every aspect of the trucking profession.

This 28-minute long video is a thorough look into just one day in the life of “Trucker Josh.”

In a video that has been viewed over 2 million times on YouTube, trucker Jon K. shares a witty rendition of an authentic day in his life, including where he sleeps, eats, and the pros and cons of being a trucker.

Viewed over 10 million times, this video posted by Eiver2 Trucker gives a week-long inside look at a pretty unique rig setup.

Watch as this heavy hauler takes you along as he delivers an oversized load. Viewed over 1 million times, the audience learns the process of picking up chaining and delivering equipment.

Posted last month on Rave Trucking, this YouTube video shows a day in the life of a female OTR driver.


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