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CDOT conducting runaway ramp survey in response to fiery, 28-vehicle pileup crash caused by rookie driver


The Colorado Department of Transportation is conducting a survey to gauge truckers’ familiarity with mountain roads and runaway ramps in particular. 

The survey comes as a response to the 2019, 28 vehicle pileup crash on Interstate 70 caused by an inexperienced trucker’s brake failure while traveling down the mountain. Those involved in the case say that the truck driver in that crash, Rogel Aguilera-Mederos, was unfamiliar with mountain roads, particularly runaway ramps, which was a major factor in the crash. 

Now, CDOT hopes that feedback from the survey will help to determine the best placement and design for a new runaway truck ramp, which will be located on I-70 just before the scene of that crash, reported 9 News.

The survey asks responding drivers for their experience level, type of employment, and how familiar they are with mountain driving. The survey can be found here.


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