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Chicken Lights for a Tiny Peterbilt that is Pure Poultry In Motion


No yolk, this might just be the coolest kid in trucking.

Remington “Rooster” is nine years old, and there’s no stopping him: Not in his “Wee Pete” anyway, which is a glistening, identical remake of his dad’s sky blue Peterbilt. It really is something to crow about with it’s full range of  “chicken lights” and matching flatbed.

Rooster loves rolling with other drivers and talking on the CB, which is where he got his handle. “Me and my dad were hauling military supplies, and I love talking on the CB with all the other truckers. “They said I sounded just like a rooster.”

His entire family is in trucking– he’ll be fourth generation on both sides when he starts hauling with his own outfit. 

Rooster says that his favorite part of his truck is that they made it together to be just like his dad’s rig. His blue eyes exactly match the truck’s sky blue paint, and they are shining as he proudly poses on the tiny flatbed, tipping his hat, tugging the tiny horn, and calling attention to his engine. 

He has a brief, bashful moment as he talks about the newly painted caterpillar engine: he describes getting to do the project with his family, whom he clearly loves trucking with.

But there’s nothing shy about Rooster when he steps into his rig to show what she can do: Cowboy hat and chromed out belt aside, this tender aged driver is the picture of trucking pride. And he’s not afraid to burn up the track– one of the things he loves doing is burnouts with the other drivers. 

And he’s as proud as, well, a rooster as he shows off his skills. He peels and smokes around the track to the applause of the appreciative crowd. It’s a full trucking family, thoroughly enjoying the antics of one of its newest members.


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