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Crew of jeep-drivers help to unstick truckers, transport people in wake of serious winter storm


A group of jeep drivers in west Texas have been out helping everyone they can, including truck drivers, in the wake of this week’s unprecedented winter storm. 

Tyler, Texas resident Nars Buenaventura and a group of jeep-owning friends have been traveling around east Texas helping out everyone they can, from first responders needing to get to work, to truckers stuck in the snow. 

“If we don’t make a change, then things aren’t going to change. If we go out there and do the best we possibly can and lend a hand maybe they will help someone else down the road as well,” Buenaventura said.

Samuel Gilmore was one truck driver who received a helping hand from this group of jeep-driving Good Samaritans, and he says he is incredibly thankful for their help. 

“Oh, it is a blessing. I was glad to see them because sitting on top of this road and not being able to get out of it that’s a problem,” Gilmore said to KLTV News.

“Everybody needs help. We do it because we can, and it is the right thing to do,” said Michael Castle, who is a part of Buenaventura’s crew.

“Everybody needs help. We do it because we can, and it is the right thing to do,” Castle said. “We don’t charge nothing. I don’t charge nothing. We just do it because we can, and we have the vehicles that can do it.”


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