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Driver found smuggling 103 migrants “had a feeling” about what was being loaded into the trailer


A truck driver was arrested after attempting to drive around secondary inspection in Texas late last week. 

The incident occurred on September 10th at around 6:10 a.m. at the Interstate 35 checkpoint in Texas. 

According to LMT Online, Agents were conducting an inspection of a semi truck when the driver, Jarvis Carter, started to drive the rig away. Agents finally had to tell Carter to stop so that they could complete the inspection, and he complied. When questioned, Carter told agents “It’s just me. I don’t know what’s in the trailer, and I’m not sure if there’s a seal on the trailer.”

A K9 then alerted to the presence of possible contraband in the trailer, and the rig was referred to secondary inspection. Carter then consented to a scan of the trailer. 

“While making his way to secondary inspection for the scan, Carter attempted to drive around the scanner. (Agents) directed Carter to park the tractor-trailer. (Agents) again asked Carter what he was hauling and Carter stated, ‘vegetables,’” states the affidavit.

Agents then broke open the trailer door seals and discovered 103 migrants inside of the trailer. 

“The reefer of the trailer was turned off, and the temperature inside of the trailer was 99.6 degrees. Of the individuals in the trailer, one was treated for heat exhaustion after passing out. Several individuals were covered in sweat due to the heat inside of the trailer. Several juveniles, including a 7-year-old child, were in the group” states the affidavit.

Carter agreed to give a post-arrest statement, and explained that he had been given the tractor trailer, a cell phone, and an address for delivery in Dallas. Carter then met with a second person who led him to a warehouse, where the trailer was to be loaded. 

“Carter stated he was told it would be filled with vegetables, but “had a feeling” as to what was actually being loaded in the trailer,” states the affidavit. “During a search of the tractor-trailer, (agents) and (special agents) found drug paraphernalia consistent with the use of methamphetamine. During his interview, Carter admitted to using methamphetamine and cocaine on Sept. 9, 2021.”

Carter was also wearing an ankle monitor at the time of his arrest. 


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