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Driver recounts being flipped upside down in unconfirmed tornado


A truck driver says he and his rig were flipped totally upside down in some incredibly strong winds during a storm on Monday. 

The incident happened on May 3rd near South Fulton, Georgia at around 11:30 a.m.

According to KMOV 4 News, Jumarel Richie says he was waiting inside his truck to get loaded at Westgate Parkway when the storm hit. 

“A bunch of rain came and then the trees right in the back of us started going real bad. The gate snapped next,” Richie said. “Next thing I know, I saw the ground with a bunch of wind going–that’s when my truck just completely capsized and turned over and slammed into the other truck.” 

Richie says he believes it was a tornado that struck his rig, and says he’s happy he was able to make it out alive. 

“I’m still going to go to the hospital and make sure, but I was able to climb out of the truck and been walking ever since.” 

“I was like ‘oh no the security lady–I thought she was gone,” he continued. “I’m glad the other driver was inside.” 

While officials have not confirmed a tornado touching down in the area, another trucker was able to capture footage of the damage, which wasn’t minor. 

Although he made it through okay, Richie says he learned at least one thing from the unexpected incident: “Wait inside [the building] while you’re getting loaded instead of waiting in the truck,” he explained. “I’ve done it [waited in the truck] a million times, I’ve been driving for about 15 years and never thought it was going to be a problem.” 


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