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Driver uses new healthy-living-initiative to show love for our country’s servicemen & women


When truck driver Glen Merrill realized he needed to do something about his health, he didn’t just want to do it for himself, so he found a way to pair his new healthy living initiative with a subject close to his heart: our country’s service men and women. 

Just around four months ago, Glen started lifting weights out of concern for his health. He had recently weighed in at almost 300 pounds and wanted to make a serious change. When he began, he was only bench pressing around 100 pounds, but he quickly gained strength – now he is benching over 550 pounds,  squatting 725 pounds and deadlifting over 600.

Soon, Glen decided to put his newfound health and strength towards raising awareness for our country’s police force and armed forces by creating a spectacle and swapping his lifting weights for pulling semi trucks. 

Most recently, Glen pulled the very truck he drives, weighing in at 79,950 pounds. His current record is a 107,000 pound truck pull, and he hopes to soon break that record by pulling an oversize, 150,000 pound load some time next year! In fact, this truck pull was simply practice for an upcoming pull in November 2021 that he cannot yet disclose details about. 

In the video, Glen pulls his truck while his safety officer, Mark Laflam, makes sure the rope stays out of Glen’s way and communicates with the driver behind the wheel should anything happen to Glen during the pull. 

“I’ve been doing everything I can to support men and women in law enforcement and who serve our country,” Glen says of his antics. 

“My goal is to pull a mobile command unit or a tactical unit.”

Glen also says that he hopes to complete a truck pull in all of the lower 48 states. 

“I’m going to continue doing this to bring awareness to charities and those that need help that can’t help themselves,” he said. 

Glen is officially sponsored by Steel Fit USA and Nike, along with a very small sponsorship from Under Armour.

Check out the impressive pull, below!


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