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Driver who nearly jackknifed off freeway and into patrol vehicle says there was “no correcting it”


A truck driver is thankful to be alive after nearly sliding off of a freeway in Houston early on Tuesday morning. 

The accident happened on October 12th on the Katy Freeway inbound at Patterson in Houston, Texas. 

According to KPRC News, the semi truck was traveling along the freeway during some rain when it lost control, jackknifed, struck a guardrail, and sent chunks of the barrier flying onto the freeway below, where it struck a passing police officer. Some diesel was also spilled in the wreck. 

“It was raining, it was slick,” said Garrett Anderson, the driver of the aforementioned semi truck. “I felt my drive tires slide out and I tried to correct it. There was no correcting it.”

Thankfully, the police officer was not hurt, and Anderson suffered only some minor injuries to his nose when his face struck the steering wheel. 

“Honestly, when it got to the point when I knew I wasn’t gonna be able to do anything more, I hit the barrier and I thought I was gonna flip over and I’m unbelievably thankful,” Anderson said. “I can’t believe that I walked away from this… My old man was a driver and he was looking out for me today.”


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