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Drivers share their worst memories of animals running in front of their trucks


A truck driver took to reddit recently to share an awful experience he had when a big cat ran in front of his rig, and fellow drivers took to the comments to share in his guilt. 

“Have you ever gotten one of these? I felt terrible…” wrote reddit user and truck driver Yellow_bike. 

In the clip, a Mountain Lion can be seen sprinting down an outcropping and directly into the path of the oncoming semi truck. 

Have you ever gotten one of these? I felt terrible… from r/Truckers

“Almost ran over a golden retriever… felt like time froze until I saw his head poke up… sigh of relief…. hate the thought of almost taking a member of someone’s family…” commented one fellow driver. 

“I drove on a huge turtle I think on i-81 close to Canada. I tried to steer a bit to let it between the wheels but ended up having every single driver side tire crush it fully loaded… I felt so bad for it. Almost wanted to tell the customs officer 10 minutes later,” added another. 

“Drilled a pigeon on my very first day on the job. Poor little b*stard flew right out in front of me and just hung in the air like he was waiting for it,” wrote one. 

“That poor rabbit. It was sitting in the left lane at 6 am and it panicked, ran into my lane, and then JUMPED…right into the guard. Neither of us were prepared that morning,” commented another. 

Unfortunately, running over animals that make poor choices is just an awful part of the job that drivers have to live with. Please be careful out there, drivers.


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