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Employee accused of stealing $100,000+ from trucking company


A woman has been accused of stealing more than $100,000 from the trucking company where she worked this week. 

The investigation into these theft allegations began in January and is still being conducted. 

According to Fox 43 News, M&D Trucking co-owners Mark Eppley and Dennis Landi contacted police after beginning their own investigation into discrepancies on 45-year-old Jennifer Lynn Garland’s timecard and payroll records inspired by her excessive use of sick and personal time. 

Upon their own investigation, the two co-owners realized that they had been locked out of the system. Once they finally regained access, the two discovered that Garland had been altering her time card to give herself more hours, given herself a $3 raise, and even extra hours of personal time, sick time, and vacation days. She had also written multiple checks to herself, deposited them into her own account, and then altered company records to make it appear as if the checks had been sent to suppliers for materials that were never purchased.

Currently, at least $100,000 in company funds has been verified missing, but that number is expected to rise. 


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