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Find out why more truck drivers are joining the GSC Transholding family


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Welcome to GSC Transholding — we invest in people with passion and potential who are dedicated to provide punctual and reliable service to our customers. Our entrepreneurial, mission-driven culture is led by like-minded team members working toward a common goal.

When GSC was founded in 2012, it began with a modest fleet of just 3 trucks. By adhering to the core values of quality and integrity, in 2017 we were able to expand and increase our fleet to 25 trucks. Since then GSC has become more than just a trucking company and is now known as GSC Transholding, which is comprised of several companies within different industries, in addition to over 160 trucks in the fleet. We believe our growth is a direct result of meeting the needs of our customers, providing great level of support to our team members and having a clear direction from our founder.

The company founder, Victor Baranovici, has started his career as a truck driver and then went on to establish GSC trucking company. Through his passion for motorcycles he opened up a motorcycle shop along with several other companies across different industries to form GSC Transholding. 

At his young age he has achieved great success within business, which lies through the vision of the end goal and passion for what he does. Victor is a caring family man which is portrayed onto the employees of the company, whom he treats like a family and ensures that they have all the support they can get. 

This is especially relevant to the truck drivers who tend to be alone most of time due to the nature of their job and specifically in the current climate of the pandemic. Ever since COVID-19 has affected the society, we have kept all our drivers onboard and ensured that they have all the necessary precautions to complete their job safely while delivering the goods to our customers.

We think you should join our team because:

  • We offer newest trucks and equipment (flatback, dry van and step deck)
  • We provide the best employee support
  • We ensure our drives have all the resources to feel and be safe on the road
  • We always pay on time and provide clear overview of payments made
  • We are in-touch with our drivers 24/7
  • We constantly review and renew our fleet to ensure the company‚Äôs standards are met
  • We support trucking community and ensure the work-life balance
  • We hold social events for our team members and pay out regular bonuses 

In addition to the above, we also offer lease option under which drivers are able to run their own business and earn over $7000 – $8000. This is the perfect option if you would like to manage your routes and the schedules you work. Under this option you would also be able to choose the type of truck and equipment.

At GSC Transholding, we also care about the community and those who are less fortunate. During festive seasons we organize events for our community, such as Christmas lunch, and special events, such as Secret Santa. At other times of the year we donate to and support the charities via many different ways.

If you’re ready to join the GSC Transholding team, please click here to get started!

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