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Fleeing felon who shot at passing trucker was aiming to kill, police say


A man was arrested last week after stealing a pickup, a gun, and shooting at a truck driver in Oklahoma. 

The series of events happened on January 14th near Ponca City, Oklahoma. 

According to The Ponca City News, Officer Kyle Coclasure was initially called to the 3200 block of Ranch Drive to speak with Steve Hogan and his cousin about eviction options, but before he could arrive he received a secondary report stating that Hogan was attempting to steal his cousin and roommate’s pickup. 

When Coclasure arrived, he found Hogan inside of a red pickup with the lights on, and requested Hogan to leave the vehicle. Hogan complied and explained to the police officer that he lived at the residence and was not attempting to steal the pickup. 

Upon further investigation, Hogan’s cousin revealed that Hogan had a gun inside of the residence, adding that Hogan is a convicted felon and should not be in possession of a weapon. Hogan then admitted he was on parole out of California and the officer confiscated his 9mm gun. 

The following day, Officer Coclasure responded to another call regarding Hogan – this one claiming that he had stolen his cousin’s 9mm and his black Chevy pickup – and that’s when officers received reports of a man driving a black pickup and shooting at vehicles, including at least one semi truck. 

Officer Linsey responded to the call and began pursuing Hogan, driving right past the shot semi truck. The black pickup then headed straight toward Officer Lindsey, who had to perform evasive maneuvers to avoid a collision. 

Lindsey then pursued the pickup East on Hubbard Rd. from W Street at 90 mph until Highway 77, where Hogan headed south. Hogan passed through every intersection before eventually coming to a rolling stop at the intersection of 14th and Otoe Avenue. Hogan then allowed to truck to roll at 5 mph and put his hands out the window. 

Hogan was instructed to leave the pickup but did not comply, so officers were forced to approach the pickup with ballistic shields, force the door open, and take Hogan and the 9mm into custody. 

Officer Lindsey then circled back to speak with the trucker, who described the pickup stopping in the middle of the roadway just before the Highway 60 overpass. The trucker says he then passed the stopped pickup, but the pickup quickly sped up and passed the rig, and that’s when Hogan started shooting, leaving two bullet holes just below the driver’s side window and breaking the glass. Based on this information, officers determined that Hogan was attempting to kill the trucker. 

Hogan was taken into custody, but upon arriving at the Kay County Jail, he rushed to wash his hands. Officers claim that this was done intentionally so that no gunshot residue kit could be completed. 

Hogan is now facing charges of Larceny of an Automobile, Kidnapping, Robbery or Attempted Robbery, Uses Firearm While Committing or Attempting to Commit a Felony, A Person Supervised by D.O.C. in Possession at a Residence or in a Passenger Vehicle of Any Pistol, Shotgun or Rifle, Petit Larceny(Firearm), Shooting with Intent To Kill, Eluding Police and Possession of a Stolen Vehicle, and Destruction of Evidence. 

He is being held on $1,000,000 bond and is set to appear in court on January 22nd at 9 a.m.


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