A newly released trucking inspired children’s book and coloring book set aims to highlight the importance of the industry to the next generation of drivers.  

Author, Sophia Sniegowski Begidzhanov, wrote Just In Time! Trucks for Kids as a way for her own daughter to easily understand and learn to appreciate those in her profession. As a corporate communications officer for Musket Transport, Begidzhanov knew the advantages of a trucking career and wanted other parents to teach their children the same. 

Begidzhanov originally created the book for Musket Transportation employees, and it is now available to be downloaded for free. 

Begidzhanov’s friend, Alana de Haan, illustrated the book and Sarah Adlewski, Begidzhanov’s cousin who lives in Madrid, Spain, also translated a French version of the book and coloring book.  

The book and coloring book can be found here and downloaded and printed at home. 

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