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Freightliner gaining on Tesla as their Electric semi truck hits the actual road


Freightliner is gaining traction over Tesla when it comes to electric semi trucks and actual performance OTR. 

With the recent completion of 700,000 miles and 233 cross-country trips traveled by their electric semi trucks, Freightliner is calling it’s electric rigs “real trucks” as compared to Tesla’s version, which has largely stayed on the test track since its conception and has yet to be delivered to customers. 

“These are real trucks hauling real freight in the real world and racking up zero emissions mile after mile — in excess of 700,000 thus far,” said Daimler spokesperson Fred Ligouri. 

“Through this process of co-creation with our customers, we are ensuring durability and reliability for series-built trucks, incorporating purposeful innovations, and furnishing the opportunity for more and more fleets to experience eMobility.”

Freightliner is currently testing two versions of their electric semi truck, deployed in their “customer experience” development fleet. The smaller of the two is the eM2 box truck – think local deliveries – while the second is a classic class 8 semi truck dubbed the eCascadia. However, they’re not quite ready for the long haul yet – Each has only a range of 230 miles and 250 miles, respectively, reported Inverse.

Currently, Freightliner has 38 of these preproduction trucks already in the hands of customers in Southern California, a system they are calling their Electric Innovation and Customer Experience fleet. These customers will then report back to Freightliner with likes, dislikes, and areas in need of improvement. 

While the trucks aren’t quite ready for full production and release, Freightliner has plans for their manufacture, and is currently investing in a Detroit Diesel Manufacturing facility, intended to produce the ePowertrain required for the eM2 and the eCascadia.


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