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Here’s the story behind trucking serial killer Dr. No’s reign of terror on America’s highways


Decades ago, the crimes of a highway villain known only by the name of “Dr.No” at the time, left many American’s fearing their own safety out on the roads.  

The suspected serial killer that was traversing down the country’s interstates was assumed to be a trucker, as the location of his crimes and description fell in line with the lifestyle of a truck driver. Years later, this fact was confirmed, as former truck driver, Samuel Legg III was revealed to be the murderer in several of the suspected Dr.No cases.  

The story of Samuel Legg III’s crimes is chilling, so it isn’t surprising that truckers and non-truckers alike are curious about hearing an in-depth account of the cases. Several Crime Junkie podcasts, one prior to his arrest and one after his capture, dive deep into the story, giving the background info on the crimes of Legg.

Meet “Dr.No”

“Dr.No” was the name given to an unidentified American serial killer who some theorized could have been responsible for a string of murders of multiple sex workers across Ohio, Illinois, New York, and Pennsylvania.

News that a serial killer was attacking women in truck stops in Ohio was first reported in the early 90s. Similarities in cases of murdered women led many to believe it could be the work of one person.

According to some, a man using the name of Dr. No would solicit women over the CB radio, mainly sex workers, to a location where they would later be found dead, thus the name “Dr. No” was used in correlation to the suspected serial killer in these crimes.

Meet Samuel Legg III

Samuel Legg III, who was a trucker living in Ohio during the time of the crimes, was discovered to be the alleged serial killer “Dr. No.”

Legg had a previous criminal history and was a suspect in a 1997 Ohio rape case of a 17-year-old girl, but was never officially prosecuted. The rape occurred at a truck stop on I-71 when the girl had been hitching rides from truckers from Cleveland.

Samuel William Legg III was later charged with two counts of first-degree murder for the death of 39-year-old Julie A. Konkol, who was found strangled behind a Senter’s truck stop on Oct. 23, 1997, near Illinois’ border with Wisconsin.

DNA from Konkol’s case was found to be in connection to several other cases:

A Wood County grand jury indicted Legg in connection with the murder of Victoria Collins, 27, whose nude body was found Dec. 20, 1996, behind the Union 76 truck stop on Route 420, near exit 71 of the Ohio Turnpike.

Legg was indicted for a similar homicide of Sharon Kedzierski, 43, who was found dead at a truck stop near Youngstown in 1992.

He is also suspected in the 1990 murder of his stepdaughter, Angela Hicks, whose body was found near Midway Mall in Lorain County.

Due to mental health issues, Samuel Legg was deemed unable to stand trial for his crimes and currently resides at Twin Valley Behavioral Health Center in Columbus, Ohio, a maximum-security facility where he has been involuntarily committed and is not permitted to leave.


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