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How MigWay grew and reinvented itself in 2020


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Welcome to Migway! Migway is a trucking company founded in 2012 by a 3rd generation family of truck drivers. Company’s headquarters is strategically located in Charlotte, in between the commercial and industrial hubs allowing for easy access no matter where you come from. Migway operates a fleet of dry vans and their area of expertise is expedited shipment. Fleet of trucks and trailers are kept in rotation and are never older than two to three years. Migway also has an in-house repair shop that makes sure each truck and trailer always leaves the property spotless and in perfect condition. Freightliners and Cascadias are the trucks of choice for the drivers and Migway’s trucks are usually white and red.

What plans were set at the beginning of the year?

No one could have predicted how 2020 was going to go, so like everyone else Migway also had big plans for the upcoming year. Despite the economy taking a hit and many businesses closing their doors, Migway reached record levels of growth last year. Migway added 50 trucks and trailers to its fleet of 70 trucks and 120 trailers at the start of the year.

The most memorable addition was truck 100! That was a very special day for the company and its CEO and founder, who made sure to be the one who placed the Migway stickers on truck 100. He shared how he would imagine this day for years to come and that day was a dream come true for CEO and team!

Pandemic Period

Last year, truck drivers were all appreciated for the work that they do every day behind the scenes. During the pandemic last year, truck drivers stepped up to the plate for all to see and Migway has its fleet to thank, which showed up and impressed the country with its work ethic and its commitment to all of us. Drivers saw the importance of taking on the responsibility of sustaining the country’s infrastructure and making sure that the shelves in the grocery stores were kept stocked for those at home.

Despite brokers paying as low as $0.50 per mile on lanes last year that would normally pay $2 to $3 per mile, Migway did not lose a single driver during the first 6 months of the pandemic. The company believes this is because of the way that drivers and staff are treated as a part of the Migway family, which has created loyalty, and by providing team with industry-leading pay, which includes bonuses for their work and unexpected raises.

How did the company change its way of work?

Last year in the middle of the pandemic, Migway’s management decided to make an internal change that management has been wanting to make for a while. The change was to restructure the company’s operations from the inside out by changing the role of a dispatcher. Originally, a dispatcher was tasked with hunting for loads on the load board and building relationships with customers and brokers, while also full-time managing 10 of their drivers.

Now, the role of a dispatcher has been split into two roles – a driver manager and a load planner. Because of this change in operations, drivers have a more personal and direct relationship with their driver manager, which creates a better experience for Migway drivers. Now, the driver managers aren’t attempting to juggle 10 things at once and can slow down and take time to chat with drivers as friends. Customers and brokers have also given encouraging feedback in regards to this change because load planners can now focus solely on making sure all the needs of the customers and brokers are being met.

5000 Fastest Growing Company Award

Another exciting event that occurred for the team at Migway was receiving the Inc 5000 Fastest-Growing Privately-Held Companies Award towards the end of 2020. If it weren’t for the work ethic of its top-tier drivers, it’s unlikely to guess at the beginning of last year that Migway would show record growth in the middle of a global crisis and be recognized with a prestigious award for rapid growth. The internal restructuring of operations to create a better driver experience also played a role in attaining this award due to drivers being more efficient and happier with their jobs. With pay increases across the board and drivers spending more time driving and less time sitting, Migway had a successful year in keeping driver satisfaction high and turnover rate low in 2020.

Plans for 2021

This year, Migway plans are to continue the expansion of its fleet of trucks and trailers. Migway expects to bring another 100 trucks this year with 50 of them already having arrived on the yard. Migway expects truck 200’s arrival to also be a very special moment for the team, but truck 100 will always be the favorite!

This year Migway has raised the base pay for all the drivers in the fleet from the starting pay of 50 cents per mile to 58 cents per mile. This means that some drivers are making up to 70 cents per mile now! Migway has also put in place different programs for its drivers to make even more money towards their checks by offering alternative ways to earn aside from driving. This was done by increasing the pay to drivers that are taking advantage of the driver referral program and by making a mentor program available for experienced drivers that are interested and enjoy helping out the new guys and gals.


Migway’s mission statement is to build a great company and to enrich the lives of its employees. For the last 9 years, Migway has become a company in Charlotte that holds a high reputation for providing outstanding logistic solutions to its customers and enriching the lives of each Migway employee – from driver to mechanic and everyone in between. Migway has seen incredible growth in the year of the pandemic and doesn’t expect to slow down anytime soon. To fill these new trucks, Migway is looking for fresh faces that love trucking and are looking to work with good people and a company built on values. To learn more about how you can be a part of a team experiencing rapid growth, please click here.

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