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In the wake of late deliveries, truckers explain they’d rather be safe than sorry when it comes to treacherous weather


This week’s plague of winter weather has made driving treacherous for everyone, including truck drivers, and some of them are speaking up to remind the public that no delivery is worth their life, so please be patient. 

“It’s been a challenge; it’s challenging to just go out there and get 80-thousand pounds behind your truck and drive on this kind of road,” said truck driver Yandis Trujillo to News Channel 5 Nashville.  

“It changes so drastically that out of the blue you have ice in the road and snow,” he continued. “Many times in the middle of the night you’re driving and you receive a message from your company, hey it’s a mandatory shutdown there’s a segment of the road that is not safe to drive.”

“There’s many truck drivers out there flipping the trucks because they think they can do it,” he continued. “You’re not a hero.”

Other drivers pointed out that trucking around motorists is stressful enough, but add ice and snow to the mix and it’s nearly impossible. 

“When it gets icy on the road, stay home, get off the roads it’s not worth your life; it’s not worth killing somebody else,” said Sheila Reeves, a trucker of 15 years, who confided that her biggest fear is accidentally taking someone’s life while behind the wheel, just because she was trying to make a delivery. 

“I’m not hauling baby hearts as I say, so it’s not something that has to be there right now,” Reeves continued, adding that many deliveries may be behind schedule right now, but it’s for good reason. 

Even as the roads warm up, please stay safe out there, drivers. No load is worth your life!


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