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“Inattentive” motorist gives a tear-filled apology for striking a road ranger


A motorist who struck a road ranger while he was setting up a detour has offered an apology for his mistake. 

The accident happened early on October 7th in Tampa, Florida when a semi truck wrecked and burst into flames, causing a subsequent crash with another vehicle. 

A road ranger was then setting up a detour for traffic to avoid the wreckage when 71-year-old Everett Simpson apparently did not notice the detour or the road ranger, and crashed right into him. The road ranger is currently in the hospital with serious injuries, and Simpson wants him to know that he is sorry. 

“I tried to swerve and miss him. I’m sorry I hit him. I tried to tell the policeman to tell him that. I was coming around a curve and there he was right there,” said Simpson. “I’m sorry.”

Simpson has since been cited for careless driving, reported News Channel 8.

“Road rangers are a big family just like we’re a big family at the Department of Transportation. And there’s some emotions running strong today. So we just have to ask for prayers and support for the road rangers,” said FDOT Spokesperson Kris Carson.

“It’s surprising and really unfortunate. Anytime you see flashing lights out there you need to slow down. It doesn’t matter if it’s tow truck driver, road ranger, law-enforcement, ambulance. That’s the whole point of the move over law. Slow down, move over a lane, and if you can’t, you need to go 20 miles under the speed limit,” said Carson.


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