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Midwestern states on standby awaiting impact of Wednesday’s potential high winds


Firefighters, power companies, trucking companies, and more are on standby as officials wait to see just how high winds will get during Wednesday’s high wind warning. 

The warning is in effect for Wednesday, December 15th. Winds are expected to blow at a consistent 35-45 mph with gusts of 65 mph possible, causing concerns over semi trucks traveling through the area, reported Fox 4 KC.

In fact, the Nebraska Trucking Association says that some Nebraska-based trucking companies have already decided to pause operations for the day, and the Iowa Department of Transportation recommends staying off the roads altogether.

“Really expect the unexpected,” said Catherine Cutler, Iowa DOT Transportation Planner. “There could be debris flying around. If you’re on a multi lane highway and you’re next to a semi truck, the wind could blow that semi into your lane. Certainly delivery vans or other high profile vehicles may be subject to the same thing. So really just keep alert, keep aware of your surroundings.”

“You usually hear of these windspeeds with thunderstorms, but this will be the head of a system with really strong winds with this system,” said meteorologist Jonathan Kurtz. 

“When you pass in a car on a normal day there’s a turbulence effect on your car when you pass. That is going to be so much worse tomorrow and people need to slow down,” said Kent Grisham with the Nebraska Trucking Association, reported ABC 7.

“And think about the fact that those trucks are fighting that wind, trying to get a feel for their truck and how it’s going to react in the weather.”

In addition to using caution while driving, officials urge drivers to avoid discarding cigarette butts out their windows, grilling, or any other sort of outdoor burning to avoid wind spreading the flames. 


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