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Man busts through truck windshield with bare hands to save trapped driver


Cell phone footage captured the heroic actions of one man as he shattered the windshield of an overturned truck to saved a woman who was trapped inside.

The incident occurred on March 6 on Highway 160 in Sacramento, California.

The hero, Nicholas Lee, can be seen in the video through the glass trying to free the woman inside the cab of a truck that had tipped over on the highway. The video then shows Lee burst through the windshield from the inside, using his bare hands to knock the glass out of the way.

“Her leg was stuck, the entire time I was trying to make her to remain calm, pull her leg out,” Lee said to CBS13 News.

Lee was able to create an opening wide enough in the windshield and successfully help the trapped woman escape the vehicle.

She immediately ran into the arms of her daughter. Lee, his arms covered in blood, also received a hug from the grateful woman.

“I just know that she thanked me, she was happy,” Lee said. “It put a good smile on my face, so yeah.”

Lee is a former Sierra College defensive lineman football player. He credits his time in the Sierra Colege football program for giving him the confidence to rescue the trapped woman.

The woman was taken to the hospital following the incident.

Lee posted the video footage on Twitter.



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