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Master your in-cab kitchen with these trucker tutorial recipes


This truck driver is cooking up the extra inspiration you need to convince yourself that you can master cooking while out on the road.

Ruby, known as @ketoladytrucker on Tik Tok, has been giving other truckers behind the scenes tips and tutorials on how she successfully cooks in her in-cab kitchen.

Most of Ruby’s recipes fall in line with the popular “Keto” diet rules, as her username suggests. However, her quick recipes are a must-have for any trucker looking to learn more about cooking – especially if they want to know how to keep it simple and tasty.

Truckers have figured out how to adapt all sorts of cookers and kitchen tools to suit their in-cab kitchens – Ruby typically uses a mini griddle or a crockpot to whip up her meals out on the road and a small fridge/freezer to keep her groceries fresh.

Check out her tutorials below.


Ruby utilizes her truck-friendly mini griddle to make breakfast sandwiches better than the truckstop options.


Check out these delicious and unique on-the-road snack ideas.


These dinner recipes can be made in bulk so you are all set for multiple meals.


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