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Motorist killed dodging mattress in road


A motorist is dead after attempting to dodge a mattress in the road and spinning out in front of an oncoming semi truck. 

The accident happened in Abilene, Texas at around 6:30 a.m. on March 2nd. 

According to Big Country Homepage News, the motorist was heading south on Highway 277 north of the Brazos River Bridge when they noticed a mattress in the road. 

The motorist then swerved to avoid the mattress, but lost control of the car and spun out, sending the car crashing into a guard rail. An oncoming semi truck was then unable to see the spun-out car through the dust kicked up in the accident, and struck the stalled vehicle. 

The truck driver walked away with only minor injuries, but the 40-year-old motorist was killed in the crash. 

Police say that, if found, the owner of the mattress could be charged with Failure to Secure Cargo Causing Death. 


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