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Motorist’s dash cam captures truck driver’s ‘intentional ramming’ attempt, hammer threat


A motorist shared unnerving dash cam video of an apparent road rage encounter on a Maryland roadway.

The video was captured on northbound I-95 in Cecil County, Maryland.

In the video, you can see that a semi truck to the right veers towards the dash cammer’s vehicle. After this, the truck pulls in front of the dash cammer with the hazard lights activated and both vehicles eventually pull off the road. A man exits the semi truck holding what appears to be a hammer, speaking to the dash cammer. The man walks around outside of the truck for a minute, then both vehicles get back on the road.

The dash cammer describes the action in that takes place in the video:

Driver intentionally tries to ram us at 70+mph-twice! When he didn’t succeed, he threatened to bash our heads in with a hammer when we called 911. There was plenty of room to pass us, but instead, he chose to try and cause a crash. In the first attempt, there was a truck coming up in the left lane, had the left lane truck not slowed down, myself and the two kids in the vehicle would have been mush. This Bonivuk driver desperately wanted to hurt us. Complaints filed-MSP, FMCSA and more. Now I want to share what happened. Drive safely folks!

You can view the dash cam footage below.


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