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Mysterious concrete chunk narrowly misses driver’s head after smashing through windshield


A truck driver escaped serious injury last week after a concrete chunk flew through his windshield near Boston. 

The incident occurred on Interstate 95 near Sharon, Massachusetts. 

According to ABC 5 News, truck driver Steve Young was traveling along I-95 when a large chunk of debris suddenly came flying at him. In a split second reaction, Young was able to shift his body to avoid the debris, all while driving. 

“I turned my head as fast as I could out of the way and luckily the impact was in my right shoulder,” Young said.

“I managed to stop the truck without injuring or potentially killing anyone else on the road.”

Once pulled over, Young noticed the mysterious debris was still inside of his truck, sitting on the floor. 

“I look on my floor, and there’s an 8 in chunk of concrete sitting on the floor of my truck,” Young continued. 

Since the incident, police have begun investigating the unfortunate occurrence,  but have found no evidence that the projectile was intentionally thrown at Young, pointing out the absence of overpasses in the area. They say it’s possible he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and it was simply a freak accident. 

“Maybe it was in the road and a vehicle caught it which kicked it up in front of me, or perhaps it got stuck in the dual tires of another truck,” Young speculated. 

Regardless of the cause, Young says he is lucky to be alive. Apart from some minor bruising and a cut on his shoulder, he basically escaped the incident unscathed. 

“If I didn’t get out of the way … it probably would have hit me square in the head and most definitely would have killed me,” he said.


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