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New York City cops seize 76 vehicles (including semis) for bogus paper license plates


The New York City Sheriff’s Office recently conducted a major crackdown on vehicles with fake license plates.

During overnight operation that occurred on Friday, August 6, Deputy Sheriffs seized dozens of vehicles in the Bronx for “illegal & counterfeit paper license plates.” Officers used license plate reader technology to identify the illegally licensed vehicles.

Police say that 76 vehicles were seized from public streets.

Two of the seized vehicles were semi trucks, according to the NY Post.

Additionally, more than 70 summonses were issued for various offenses during the operation.

During a similar overnight operation that took place in Brooklyn in July, the New York City Sheriff’s Office seized 43 vehicles for fake paper plates.

Police say that fake plates are sometimes used to avoid being ticketed by speed cameras, to avoid paying tolls, or during the commission of a crime. Others use fake plates to avoid registering vehicles or paying for insurance.


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