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‘Old trucker’ goes viral on TikTok for wholesome kitten in the cab videos


A truck driver is enjoying newfound fame on TikTok after sharing video of the kitten who accompanies him while he’s out on the road.

TikTok user old_trucker recently received 3.2 million views for a video of his road kitten Bobbie playing with a toy on the dash of his semi.

“That little cat right there is a blessing to me. I love that little thing,” he says in the sweet video.

Viewers appear to love the pairing of the fiesty orange tabby kitten and the Bob Ross-voiced old_trucker, who says that he wasn’t really a cat person before Bobbie. In the videos, Old_trucker details where’s he’s been and where he’s headed, and Bobbie makes himself at home in the cab of the truck.

Old_trucker says he began bringing Bobbie with him on the truck after a stint in the hospital and a stress test. Bobbie was the only surviving kitten from her litter of five and the two appear to bring each other a lot of company and happiness.

Check out some more of Bobbie and old_trucker’s adventures below.


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In the video below, you can see that Bobbie’s orange fur matches the truck’s paint job.


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