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‘Old trucker’ now has a whole family’s worth of wholesome orange kitten content


‘Old trucker’ recently went viral for his wholesome kitten-in-the-cab content with his new cat, Bobbie. Now, ‘Old trucker’ has rescued a whole family of orange cats and has taken it upon himself to deliver each of them to their new homes in his truck. 

It all started when a local stray cat had a litter of kittens in his yard and abandoned one of them in the grass. ‘Old trucker’ scooped up the kitten, cleaned it up, and dubbed it ‘Robbie.’ 

“It’s a cousin to Bobbie,” he says. “It looks like we’re gonna have another cat riding with us,” he says. 

In the next video, ‘Old trucker’ is holding an arm full of kittens – the rest of Robbie’s litter. He then takes it upon himself to keep the kittens and their mama in his work-in-progress washroom, and even takes the litter and mama to the vet for a checkup and spay. 

‘Old trucker’ ends up caring for the kittens until they are old enough for new homes, and eventually offers to deliver them to their new homes, as long as the stops are along his truck route. He even films a few of the rehoming rides, and of course Robbie, the new truck cat, comes along for the trip.


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