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Pickup driver’s illegal U-turn puts trucker in danger in dash cam video


Arizona transportation officials shared a trucker’s dash cam video to remind motorists that illegal U-turns are illegal for a reason.

On Tuesday, October 26, the Arizona Department of Public Safety (Arizona DPS) shared dash cam video of a close call caused by a pickup driver ignoring posted signs forbidding U-turns.

In the video, a pickup truck traveling in front of a semi rapidly slows without warning in order to make a left turn onto a median crossover, forcing the truck driver behind to slam on the brakes to avoid a rear end collision.

Fortunately, the truck driver was able to avoid hitting the pickup in spite of the illegal U-turn.

“Ever wondered why “No U-Turn” signs are posted at median crossovers on controlled-access highways such as I-10? This dash cam from a semi driver shows just how dangerous it is to slow down abruptly from highway speeds to turn into the median,” Arizona DPS said.

Take a look at the video below.


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