Pileup on Louisiana bridge leaves one dead

Louisiana State Police have confirmed that one person was killed in a pileup crash on the Huey P. Long Bridge (Old Mississippi River Bridge) in Jefferson Parish.

The pileup happened around 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, February 23, on eastbound US 190 at the Huey P. Long Bridge, according to a statement from Louisiana State Police.

Police say that the pileup happened as traffic backed up on the bridge. As many as 15 vehicles were involved.

A thirteen year old riding inside one of the vehicles involved in the crash was killed after that vehicle was rear-ended by a semi truck, police say. Several other people were injured in the crash, police say.

Louisiana State Police say that eastbound US 190 traffic is being diverted to LA Hwy 1 southbound as the investigation into the crash and cleanup continue.

State police say that they are still investigating what caused the initial traffic backup that led to the pileup.