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Pimp My Ride: Custom Sleeper Edition


If a genie could grant you three wishes for your sleeper, what would they be?

For custom truck builder Pat Eilen and his wife, that’s an easy question. Check out the video below.

Company: The truck can comfortably sleep six. He and his lovely wife use the extra room to host family for sleepovers on runs.

Good food: They have a full kitchen, with accompanying elevated wine cooler. They love their sunken farmhouse sink. When asked about the kitchen, the couple smiles appreciatively and nods that they cook just about everything in there.

Showers: Here the Eilens have outdone themselves– They elevated showering beyond even the normal comforts of home. Their shower unit feels more like a visit to a boutique hotel in Seattle, then the back of a moving work truck.

In some ways, what Pat Eilen has created feels more like a tribute to what he wishes all of trucking could be like. Granite countertops throughout, with a plunging farmhouse sink. Shower inlaid with river rock. Custom wine cooler…. Does that even sound like trucking?

The combination of the leather, granite, and wildly advanced sound system, makes walking through the Eilen’s sleeper feel like elegant astronauts are readying for take off.

For Eilen Motors, that’s life on the road. They have a family business building custom sleepers for drivers. And it’s no surprise that their rig has all the bells and whistles.

Eilen & Sons has been in trucking since the 1980’s. And they know the industry backward and forward, “performing every task from driver, mechanic and dispatcher,” to his current role of overseeing the company’s daily operations.

And even though Eilen has crafted his fair share of rat rods and ultra-comfort sleepers, his team is no stranger to creating rough and tumble rigs. He builds trucks for everything from gravel haulers to fertilizer equipment.

Pat Eilen has even ventured into racing, “Our behind-the-wheel interests also extend into motorsports.” He has been racing for twenty years for Eilen & Sons Motorsports.

Check out some more of his rigs below:


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