A truck driver is being hailed as a hero in Vermont this week after his quick thinking during an emergency. 

The incident happened on Monday, March 22nd in Williston, Vermont. 

According to WCAX News, 71-year-old trucker, Paul Connor, was heading down a hill on 2A towards Interstate 89 when his brakes failed. As he barreled towards a stop light intersection, he realized he had to take immediate action or risk plowing through a line of stopped traffic. 

Thinking quickly, Connor then veered to the right onto the Exit 12 on-ramp, causing the rig to overturn and spilling some of its load of grain. 

Thankfully, Connor sustained only minor injuries in what could have been a major wreck, and no other people or vehicles were damaged in the incident. 

“Given the situation, coming down into a heavily occupied intersection at a high rate of speed, either contacting those vehicles or essentially using the bailout to try to avoid that and sacrifice his own well-being for the safety of others is truly heroic,” Williston Fire Chief Aaron Collette said.

The incident has since been cleared.

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