A motorist shared jarring dash cam video of a sudden rear-end crash involving a semi truck.

My Prius rear-ending an 18 wheeler going 50.8 mph… from r/Dashcam

The reddit user who shared the video this week pointed to the fact that they didn’t see brake lights activated on the semi as a reason for the crash.

Reddit user talula_palmer writes:

I saw people stopped up ahead, but if you notice after I hit him, cars are flying by me, and only tapping their brakes after they pass me. I didn’t see him because he didn’t have his brake lights on, and from not too far back, he just “blended” for lack of a better word. BUT, had he had his brakes on, I:

1.) would’ve been cut off at the chest by my hood that started coming thru the windshield, because the truck wouldn’t have had any “give” to go forward as it did.


So… Not sure whether to be more grateful or pissed… Obviously grateful, but NOW I know HOW important brake lights are!!! In 20 years of driving, I’d just always considered them “handy”, I guess?

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