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Putting drivers first — no matter what — is a recipe for success for Dart Transit


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In 1934, much like 2020, it was a difficult time to start a business; America was bogged down by the Great Depression, credit remained elusive, and businesses were forced into bankruptcy. Nevertheless, Earl Oren had a vision, so he opened the business that would become Dart Transit. 

Starting with a single truck and trailer, he began operations on a small scale from his living room. With limited capacity and very limited operating authority, Earl was unable to grow beyond a few trucks and trailers that hauled select exempt commodities on finite traffic lanes. He kept the company in operation through persistence and sacrifice.

Today, Dart is still under the ownership and oversight of the Oren family and led by another innovative and energetic president and CEO, Dave Ables. We continue to lead the transportation industry with integrity and innovation for customers, owner operators, employees, and drivers alike.

After all, Dave Ables himself is a driver; he’s been in trucking for 25 years and has a tremendous appreciation for every aspect of the business. He’s a self-proclaimed car guy with a passion for Harley-Davidson. He even returned to his roots this summer and rode with a driver for a week. He knows what it’s like out there on the road—the frustrations and rewards that come with the job. 

At Dart, we’ve cultivated a working environment that understands the ins and outs of our industry, so when you join the team, your safety is our top priority. We understand that it can get dicey on the road, with long hours and elements outside of your control; however, no matter what, our goal is to make sure you get home safely at the end of every week. That’s why we put so much emphasis on mentorship, training, and teamwork. Here, you can be sure that your wellbeing is being taken seriously.

On top of driver safety and respect, you can lease a truck for no money down (sign and drive), receive on-demand settlements for lease with no waiting weeks for payroll, and military experience means more money— just show us your DD214. We’re happy to recognize military service as a driving experience, beginning with an additional $.01 per mile for company drivers.

When we say that we’re committed to our veterans, we aren’t just stating empty words; we support our words through actions because our values are more than text on a screen. At Dart, we want team members who practice safety, lead with integrity, communicate with respect, and always make space for everyone at the table. Therefore, we honor the brave men and women who have served our country and continue to encourage anyone with military experience to join our team. 

And that’s what it’s about: teamwork. At the end of the day, we’re nothing without our team of hardworking, kind, and inspiring professionals. A spirit of teamwork means your success is our success. We offer a culture where you are supported by a welcoming community. At Dart, you’re not in it alone. We’ve got your back for any question or issue you have at any time.

So, join the Dart team and apply to one of our many exciting opportunities. You can learn more at drivingdart.com or contact one of our recruiters today. We’ve enhanced our pay package for company drivers, and we have a lot of other offers. See what makes Dart different.  

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