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Scary road rage battle between semi driver and motorist caught on dash cam


The dash cam clip was captured on February 3 in Abbotsford, British Columbia, by YouTube user Destin Belisle.

Belisle describes the events captured in the video:

I was driving up Highway 1 East bound just passed 232nd in the middle Lane and the semi driver in front of me signals to the right and gets into the far right lane. As I’m proceeding past him he jumps back into my lane (no signal) and forces me over to the fast lane cutting off cars going by faster than me. I flipped him my middle finger as I drove past him. I’m now I’m in the 3rd lane about to exit at 264th and the truck catches up to me and decides to push me off into the shoulder as I was trying to exit. I jumped back on to the hiway to get his plate and number on the truck. I caught up to him near MT. Lehman and got in front of him to take the next exit. This is where he tailgated me and wouldn’t back off.My 2yr old son is in the car sleeping as this all happened. He then decided to run me off the road a 2nd time. This time was much worse as I almost hit the cement barrier. This is deliberately done to cause harm. I Called the police but they wouldn’t send a police car to pull him over as they had crime to fight in Chilliwack (shooting she said) so I turned around at 3 road as she said nothing they can do. As a class 1 driver myself, this behaviour is unacceptable.

Take a look at the dash cam video below.


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