Drone footage of a Tesla semi truck speeding around a test track in California was captured last week leaving us wondering – just when will the Tesla semi truck actually be released?

Less than two months ago, Elon Musk announced that the production of the Tesla electric semi truck has been put on hold due to logistical issues in battery cell production. Since then, the semi truck prototype has been given a subtle redesign, and has been spotted both on trailers and driving itself along California highways, but little has been said about a solution for the long-range battery issue. 

While Musk did mention the potential for a 500kwh battery pack on a recent podcast with Joe Rogan, which would yield only enough power for a 300-mile-range semi truck, even that battery has yet to go into production. Aside from battery production, it isn’t even clear where the technology company intends to manufacture the rig itself – rumors pegging both Gigafactory Texas in Austin and Gigafactory Nevada have been circulating the internet. 

Although we are left with few concrete answers about the release of these semi trucks, at least we can enjoy some pretty fun “spy” footage from a drone circling the test track in Fremont, California. 

Check it out, below.

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