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State trooper calls out truckers: “All you are is an 80,000-pound sled”


An Iowa state trooper’s tweet singled out truck drivers after a massive snowstorm caused multiple crashes and highway closures.

The state patrol reportedly responded to more than 235 crashes between 3 a.m. Thursday, February 4, and 6 p.m. Friday, February 5.

“These chain reaction collisions its from vehicles and in this case, a lot of them were the commercial motor vehicles, semis traveling too fast and they just ultimately just can’t slow down in time,” said SGT. Alex Dinkla of the Iowa State Patrol told KCRG.

A 40-vehicle pileup crash in Jasper County closed eastbound I-80 for several hours on Thursday, Feb. 4, which prompted State Trooper Jon Stickney to tweet a statement and picture of two state trooper cars crushed by a semi.

Stickney blamed trucks, saying “all we can see is 80,000-pound sleds causing these massive wrecks.”

The tweet received the following responses:

“So you’re saying all big wrecks are caused by truck drivers? As a truck driver myself l find this insulting! You know how many times truck drivers get cut off by cars or pickups, have their safe stopping distance taken away? Maybe you should take a ride in a big rig and find out”

“Trooper John, as a wife of a former over the road truck driver.. these are from my nightmares.. a lot of these truck drivers are company drivers and if the company says go.. you go.. you don’t always have the choice! You don’t drive you don’t make money.. it’s hard out there!”

“Here is a thought Officer. I you think it is to dangerous for trucks to be on the highway. Close the highway. That way no vehicles will be out on the roads and everyone will be safer including you and your fellow officers. Thank you for all you do to try and keep us safe”


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