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There Are Only A Few Days Left To Meet Your Form 2290 Deadline!


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The 2021-22 Form 2290 deadline is on August 31st. With only a few days left before the current tax season ends, it is crucial to submit Form 2290 to the IRS before time runs out and you are hit with hefty penalties!

E-filing is a quick and easy way to submit Form 2290 to the IRS for processing. When e-filing Form 2290 with ExpressTruckTax, once your form is submitted it will only take a few minutes for the filer to receive their stamped Schedule 1 (proof of filing). If you file Form 2290 by paper, according to the IRS you will face heavy delays in processing your return and receiving your stamped Schedule 1.

ExpressTruckTax is the leading IRS-Authorized e-file provider for Form 2290. With over 10 years of experience, ExpressTruckTax offers many features to ensure a quick and simple filing process. 

Some of the features that help simplify the e-filing process include the ability to copy a previous year’s return, Instant Error Checks, Bulk Information Upload, and much more. Free retransmissions of rejected returns and free VIN corrections are also included.

Another way ExpressTruckTax goes over and beyond for their clients is that they open their office up for truckers who need help filing (with the necessary COVID safety regulations in place). No other e-file provider goes the extra mile for their clients like ExpressTruckTax does. 

 All clients also receive the ExpressGuarantee, which is ExpressTruckTax’s promise that every return will be accepted by the IRS, or the client will be given a complete refund. 

ExpressTruckTax offers all of these time-saving features and more at a great price point, starting as low as $9.90! That’s less than getting lunch at your favorite truck stop! ExpressTruckTax is also offering a new pricing package at the low price of $19.90 that helps clients save more money if they are filing for 2 trucks.

ExpressTruckTax’s customer support team is readily available to answer any questions to help clients through the filing process. The customer support team is completely live and never uses automated machines. In addition, the support team also provides help in both English and Spanish.  

Truckers who still need to file before the deadline on August 31st, can visit www.ExpressTruckTax.com or call the ExpressTruckTax support team for additional help at (704) 234-6005.

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