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These floor mats can save your semi truck from damaging and costly in-cab corrosion


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Without even realizing it, you may be tracking harmful chemicals into the cab of your truck this winter. That’s why this Minimizer is offering a game-changing solution that can help protect your truck from in-cab corrosion.

This winter, the very same harsh chemical deicers that road crews use to keep vehicles from sliding off the road are going to wind up inside your truck. That’s because every time you hop out of the truck and walk around in the snow and sludge, you’re likely picking up those chemicals on your shoes and tracking them back into the cab. Those chemicals may be effective at keeping the streets safe, but they can do a number on your truck, causing corrosion to the floor of the cab and eating through floor rugs.

Metal parts like seatbelt mounts and retractors, as well as smaller components such as the electrical wiring and connectors can be easily damaged by chemical corrosion, which can be costly to fix.

As your shoes dry out while you drive, the deicing chemicals get sucked into the cab’s HVAC system, where they get recirculated throughout the cab and continue to attract moisture, causing the interior of the truck to look dirty, dingy, and worn. This can harm the vehicle’s resale value and possibly result in wear-and-tear fines at the end of a lease.

Fortunately, Owatonna, Minnesota-based company Minimizer has an easy solution for this complex problem.

While many fleets look to rubber mats for protection, the Minimizer team points out that these mats may not do a good job of keeping the floor beneath them clean and free of the corrosive deicing chemicals.

Recognizing the importance of keeping cab floors clean and protected from corrosion and other debris, Minimizer designed a textured and grooved floor mat made of a proprietary thermal-plastic. Each mat is customized for a specific make and model truck Minimizer’s engineers use technology to scan the interior measurements and angles of your truck to ensure each floor mat is a perfect fit for the cab. The mats are also designed to be easy to install and easy to keep in place.

These mats put that dirt and mud just where they’re supposed to be,” owner/operator Mike Elnicky said. “The best part is Minimizer’s custom fit. The design just wraps around the pedals and contours, keeping carpeting clean and filth off your floor.

Minimizer mats are easy to clean — simply remove them and use a pressure washer — and can cut down on the amount of money you spend on detailing, making them a sound investment for company drivers, owner-operators, and fleet owners alike.

If you’re ready to take the next step in protecting yourself and your truck from damaging chemicals, click here to get started.

For more than 30 years, Minimizer has served as a leading provider of aftermarket solutions for the heavy truck industry, providing ‘Tested and Tortured’ products for truckers operating throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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