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This horse survived a semi truck crash, now her new baby needs a name


A horse that survived a serious semi truck crash late last year has given birth, and her caretakers are asking for help in choosing the little foal’s name. 

The accident took place in October of 2020 off of Interstate 44 in Missouri. The semi truck involved in the wreck was hauling 29 horses heading for slaughter. Ten of those horses died in the wreck and four more had to be euthanized. The horse in question, now called Journey, was one of the few surviving animals. 

Journey now lives at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch, where she gave birth to her new colt on August 16th. The ranch says that the baby is doing well but that he still needs a name, so the rescue is calling on the public to help choose just the right one, reported KMOV 4 News.

“Journey is a concerned and involved mom and her baby is a happy and active boy,” the ranch said on its website.

The ranch has set up a vote, and those interested in participating can choose from the following names: Chase, Gulliver, Tripp, Traveler and Cruiser. 

Voting ends Sunday, August 29th at noon.


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