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This North Dakota trucking company figured out the perfect combination of premier pay and driver-friendly benefits


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A family-owned trucking company says that they’re offering professional drivers the ideal balance of top-of-the-industry pay and robust benefits.

Fargo, North Dakota-based Holland Enterprises is working to provide better lives for their drivers by offering them highly competitive pay alongside the perks that drivers actually care about — namely great home time, lots of available miles, and safe, new model equipment to operate filled with amenities to make life on the road a little easier.

The company debuted a new pay increase for OTR drivers that ensures that new drivers take home a substantial paycheck, and those who stay with the company are rewarded with even more.

Drivers just starting with the company earn $1,500 weekly, with reviews at the 90 and 180 day mark and frequent pay increases as drivers progress in their trucking careers with Holland.

After the introductory period, company drivers are only expected to work 44 weeks per year, with the rest of the time counted as optional home time. First year drivers take home $74,842 to $88,871 depending on their productivity in those 44 weeks. A second year (tenured driver) can expect to take home between $77,482 to $91,912, or even more if they opt to work more than 44 weeks per year. Holland Enterprises has plenty of available miles, meaning that drivers who are motivated to earn more can always keep the wheels turning.

Other standout benefits and perks that the company offers include:

  1. Long Mile Loads
  2. No Driver-Facing Cameras
  3. Free Health Insurance for Drivers After 2 Years
  4. New, State-of-the-Art Equipment to Operate
  5. Free Satellite TV and Radio in All Trucks
  6. APU Refrigerators and Inverters
  7. A Solid Safety Score
  8. Drivers make it home every 3 weeks and enjoy 3 days off
  9. Pet Policy & Rider Program Starting Day 1

While the top tier pay and benefits initially draw experienced drivers to Holland, many stay for the company culture, which promotes honest, straightforward communication and respect. Company leaders and managers hire skilled drivers and then trust them to do their jobs without micromanagement. Drivers appreciate that the company remains family-owned after decades of growth in the industry.

For nearly 50 years, Holland Enterprises has provided long haul refrigerated trucking services to customers in the United States. The company has grown to a fleet of 300 tractors and 350 refrigerated trailers. If you’re ready to take the next step in your trucking career, the Holland Enterprises family is ready to connect with you — just click here to get started.

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